Got inked!

March 7, 2013

Yeah you’ve read it right. I just had my first tattoo last February 23rd. Having a tattoo was my dream; a wish, and I thought it will never happen.

Anyways, we’ve been planning to get a tattoo since last November of 2012 and we failed three times to get an appointment. The first attempt failed because I wasn’t sure if I could get a tattoo since my skin is really sensitive and I have a skin condition called ‘DERMOGRAPHISM‘.

So I researched first if people who has dermographism can get a tattoo or not. The second attempt, urm I had an argument with another friend because she’s supposed to pick up my shift on January 19th but then decided at the last minute that she’s going with us, leaving me with no choice but to show at work and move the date. The last attempt failed because of a misunderstanding. My friend thought that they are going to entertain us that day (sometime in mid-January) because they told her that they are accepting walk-ins. Unfortunately, they are just accepting walk-ins if they are not busy and if one of the clients called off their booked appointment.

Oh well after three times of failing lol, I finally got inked. At first I thought I’m going to be disappointed with the result because the font is really different to what I had wanted. But when I saw it after I took off the bandage and washed it, I’m quite fixated and speechless. I can’t believe that FINALLY, I have a tattoo lol. And yes, it’s fully healed now. I’ll post a picture when I have time 🙂 And the tattoo I got, it really means a lot to me. I’ll explain further when the picture is up. And yeah I know, this entry was supposed to be posted last February 24th. I’m sorry.


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