February 5, 2016

Patience is a virtue.

So last Wednesday (Feb. 3rd), I had to go buy a gift for K — who will celebrate her 18th birthday this Saturday (I am one of her 18 treasures). I was really planning to leave early (around 11-ish) so I can be at home early in the afternoon and do some stuff — more like just laze around. I already asked a friend if she could accompany me and gladly, she agreed. Of course, I also have to tell J that I’m going to Brandon — however, instead of saying ‘ok’, he said he’ll just go with me since he’s done working at 3:30 anyways.

Now, I should have known that he’s tired asf (obviously just got out of work) and his body was sore (we’ve been in the gym for 2 straight days and he was working out really hard <with all the weights and stuff>) Instead of letting him drive in peace I kept on bugging him. Poking his side from time to time — sometimes punching him (I believe it wasn’t that hard) Usually he’s got lots of patience to deal with me but unluckily, his patience run out that day. So as we were about to go home; he was mad and was really quiet. I was honestly starting to get annoyed by his behaviour but I told myself: Wag mong sabayan galit nya.

We didn’t talk for the rest of that 45 minutes drive home. And when we reached his place, I tried to break the silence by saying: THANK YOU. Well, I didn’t recieved a “you’re welcome” — if I’m not mistaken I heard him say: “thank you my ass” which fueled my frustration over his annoying behavior, plus he slammed the car door hard. At that time I wasn’t aware what made him mad. So I was thinking maybe he was really tired that’s why he’s like that.

I know I should’ve let it go — let him cool his head — maybe it was my pride (lol) that made me do it … When I got home, I sent him a message; thanking him and telling him that next time he doesn’t have to go with me. You know what he said? He said “for sure. So that next time I won’t get punch randomly in public” and I was like WTF hahahaha no but seriously — since I already feel bad and was thinking that I should’ve just insisted to go early just like what I originally intended to do so that he won’t get annoyed/pissed off when I was bugging him or when I was poking/punching him (lol); I apologized. And as to not make things worse.

I got his point that he was tired; that I should’ve stopped bugging him when he told me to. While my point is: don’t say you’re still willing to accompany me when you are obviously tired and doesn’t really have enough patience to deal with my uhm weird antics because it’ll just make me feel reallllyyy bad! Feeling upset, mad, guilty and pissed off — I was on the verge of tears. But I reminded myself: not to shed a single tear just because of a man. Feeling tough, eh?

Anyways, he sent another message explaining why he got mad. So I apologized and said it won’t happen again/ I won’t do it again. Few hours later he sent another message asking what I was doing; I lied and told him that I just got out of the bathroom when I was really lying on my bed being emo over what happened earlier. As he was asking what time am I going to work the next day, he realised (by the way I answered his question) that something’s up. I usually put emojis on my messages but that time I was only replying a word or two to him. And when he finally asked if I am mad; it took me 5mins to say that I wasn’t (lol who am I kidding). I told him to sleep already but then he said he’ll come over. I was not in the mood to talk so I insisted that he should have an early rest and that we’ll just meet again the next day. When he said he’s already on his way I didn’t reply. Few minutes later he was calling —  he’s already outside.

To cut this long story short; we settled our “fight” that night. We made clear what made each other mad and he apologized for not havinh enough patience that time lol and I’m glad that we didn’t let the day end that we’re not in good terms. I did appreciate his effort to make me feel better. Though I must say he’s a lucky asshole that he was able to talk to me after he pissed me off. Usually when I get pissed off, I don’t talk to the person involved for at least a day or two or until I feel like talking to them again. What a lucky asshole. I love him though 😂

Well that’s it. I’ll try to update again soon. Hihi. 


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