Driving in the ‘big city’ + Shopping!

May 4, 2014

Hi guys!

So me and my girl friend went to the city to shop. Not just in Brandon — where we usually go — but we went to the city. The capital of Manitoba — Winnipeg. And yes, it is very nerve-cracking. Especially when I found out that there are red light cameras lurking around. LOL.  Well we arrived safely at the mall — though there’s one event happened that I won’t be able to forget for a very long time. I won’t go into details because I still feel ashamed and it’s awkward and gosh I won’t be able to move on again. I didn’t had any problem driving on highway but when we entered the city that’s where I found myself wanting to get off the car. I’m really concerned about the red light camera LOL I don’t want to violate any traffic rules and pay a huge amount of money.

Anyways, as soon as we arrived, we did our thing. Shopping. Usually, when we go out I don’t really buy clothes. I just looked at the displays, browse and walk away. Yesterday was different. Aside from the fact that I have to buy a dress for my friend’s graduation, I was hypnotized by the cute clothes and their prices (almost all of the stalls are on sale) And it was the very first time for me to buy decent clothes because I normally buy t-shirts and a pair of jeans. FACT: I am not a fashionista. I don’t like doing dress-ups. BUT I am fond of looking cute dresses and clothes online; especially on YESSTYLE or any asian online store. Silently hoping that I can dress like them (the models). But whenever I think of changing my style I feel so weird. Doubts and questions fill my mind. WILL IT SUIT ME? DOES THESE KIND OF CLOTHES SUIT ME? I really wish I have my own stylist LOL. Back to shopping — I bought two skater skirts, a knit sweater, a cardigan, a shirt and a cropped shirt (as if I’d ever wear this one haha!) I also bought my mom a shirt from Aero since she told me to buy her anything and I bought one for my friend as well (she’s been giving me some stuff so I have to repay her somehow lol!)

After hours of walking and finding a dress for the graduation prom (but failed), we decided it’s time to eat lunch — and since I’m really hungry I ordered my usual stuff: Chow mein (there are two kinds and I /sigh/ choose the wrong one), sesame chicken and broccoli. I didn’t finish my meal because I was really disappointed on the noodles I got -_- So we resumed our shopping spree and finally found a dress! We left the mall around 5:30ish and went to the nearest McDonald’s for take out. And off we go!

It was fun and at the same time tiring and nerve-wracking. I’m really proud and happy that I was able to drive in the city by my own. Oh wait, did I already mention that I didn’t tell my parents that we went to Winnipeg? No? HAHAHA. They thought we just went to Brandon and — oh boy — their faces when I told them where we really went to.

So that’s my little adventure. Now time to update my YunJae fic that hasn’t been updated for two months now lol -_-

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