Decision Made

February 28, 2016

Last Monday, I’ve made my decision — I will go back to school — well, more like continue the Adult Grade 12 program (that ACC offered last year) that I started. I was excited. I was eager to know how many units I still need to take to complete the program and at the same time, hoping, that I’d be able to attend the second semester (which started yesterday, Wednesday, Feb. 24th) So when the professor that was designated for the program told me that I should call ACC first, I called right away. Too bad there’s no school that day and nobody’s in the office. LOL. I tried again Tuesday. Lo and behold, the adviser said it’s not ideal to start attending during second semester because they already started the ‘school year’. To cut the story short, she advised me that it is better to wait for September.

I was disappointed. However, I can’t do anything about it anymore. Besides, if ever I start on their second semester, I’ll be at lost, right? All the excitement I felt vanished. It got replaced with doubts. Hell, I know myself and I can be indecisive. Tomorrow I’d say okay but the following day I’ll take it back. You get me? And since the program will start on September, I still have 7 months (or so) to be “I want to go-I don’t want to-I’m too lazy-Too tired” Darn excuses. LOL.

But really, I want to have a Manitoba high school diploma. Just in case I want to go to university — well, I’ve been planning to because I want a wider range of options for courses. LOL

Well, that’s it!

Will right again soon! ❤

– end of entry –

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