Danger Zone

February 5, 2015

Yesterday, as I was working (more like slacking off because we’re not really busy lol) I’ve realized that my mum hasn’t dropped by yet to give me the car keys even though it’s past seven in the evening already. When she works until seven, she usually drop off the keys at work while my dad pick her up and they’ll go home together. Yesterday was — well, obviously, different.

I thought she just gave her co-workers a ride home that’s why she’s late. However, when it was already past eight o’clock, I realized that something probably came up. So I phoned her which she answered right away and told me that they are in the hospital and will drop off the car keys afterwards. Thinking that it’s probably one of those tests that my dad’s having (he’s diabetic) I simply said ok. Two hours later though, they haven’t showed up yet. I phoned her again and learned that my dad got admitted to the hospital. She told me that his hemoglobin level was down but didn’t really expounded what really happened. She also told me that she’ll just pick me up when I’m done working.

Later that evening, when my eight hour (long) shift is finally done and when we already gave my friend a ride back home, she told me what happened. Earlier that day, when my dad was in the hospital for his usual blood count test, they found out that his hemoglobin level was WAY DOWN to the normal level. I think the result came out as 55g/L. He was really in danger. That actually explains why he’s been feeling nauseous, dizzy, tired, had difficulty breathing and had muscle pain since Friday. I’ve also learned that he doesn’t really look good those past few days. I wasn’t able to tell the difference because I haven’t seen him properly for I worked evening shifts since Saturday-Monday. He’ll have a blood transfusion tomorrow (Thursday) and I actually want to stay with him tomorrow. The problem is I don’t know what time the transfusion will be and if they’ll allow an ‘outsider’ to be there. Though he really wants me to be with him tomorrow hehehehe. Thank God, really, that he does look fine now. Still a little bit pale but he’ll be back to normal. FIGHTING APPA!

– end of entry –

I’m praying and asking God to heal him especially THAT disease. PLEASE PLEASE LORD. TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM. I’d rather have it. Please let there be another way to treat that disease. And Lord, I pray that THAT disease be gone in his body. In Jesus name, AMEN.

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