April 24, 2014

My notebooks that I haven't use yet.
My “collection” of notebooks.

Every time I go to a bookstore and finds the section of notes/stationaries/notebooks, I won’t walk away until I find a notebook that I will buy (with a book, of course) — unless I’m really saving money and I realized (wow) that I don’t really need a notebook.

  • That Bugs Bunny notebook in the picture is actually my ‘diary/journal’ when I was still in college (back in the Philippines) but I stopped writing on it when I moved places (from living in a dorm to an apartment) — I think I was in second year of college.
  • The one with a butterfly cover is actually where I write my feelings to God — where I actually write my prayers. It’s like a form of communication to Him. I don’t update it daily even though I want to because well, I’m lazy -_- I’m planning to change the notebook though, I want to use the ‘FAITH HOPE & LOVE’ notebook. Can’t decide. Anyway, that notebook (Faith Hope and Love) I bought it yesterday when we went to the city 🙂
  • The one with flowers is my QUOTATION NOTEBOOK. Whenever I read a paragraph or a line on the internet (mostly in Tumblr) that I like, I just jot it down on that notebook. And I also write there the lyrics of my favourite songs.
  • The notebook behind the ‘QUOTATION NOTEBOOK’  and the notebook with a pink cover are my extra notebooks. I just keep them — because I haven’t decided what am I going to do with it /sigh/ 
  • And lastly, the one with a ‘1’ on it is my ‘DRAFT BOOK‘ I write all my thoughts in that notebook before writing it on my blog (in Tumblr) I still have two other ‘draft book’ that is not in the picture and it’s mainly about my fanfic stories 😀

Aside from those notebooks, I know I have more back in the Philippines. Don’t ask me why I like to buy notebooks but not really using it because the answer will be the same: I DON’T KNOW. Well, I guess just like books — they are my weakness. LOL.

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