Thoughts 101: Cheers

March 27, 2016


Have you ever been into a situation wherein … you tried to understand the person and their reasons but you still end up feeling disappointed? Isn’t it frustrating? I mean, you’ve tried your best to understand; to put yourself on their foot just to understand ’em. But still, you’re hurt a little bit.

Were you expecting too much? Did you assume anything? Is it your fault to feel that way? Should you just have said NO when they asked permission to do this and that, instead? What will happen then?


What if you’ve been looking forward to that day – you made plans – but then you found out that it’ll be cancelled because an appointment got rescheduled on that day; an appointment which you know he’s been excitedly looking forward to – that it felt like it’s more important and more special than what you were originally planned to do. What if on that day you were supposed to celebrate a milestone of your relationship but because of this more exciting, more looking forward to thing – no such celebration will be happening.

Or maybe – this milestone is not as important to him as it is to you? That you are not the top priority on his list. That he chooses the other thing because it is more fun than staying at home, cooking, and watching movies. That getting a f*cking tattoo is more important than celebrating your anniversary? WTF.

Yes I feel disappointed. But I can’t really say NO to him. Why? Because I know what it feels like to finally get your first tattoo. But then, can’t it be on another day? LOL. No point complaining now -__-

Happy f*cking anniversary to us 🙄

Cheers mofo 🖕🏼😒

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