California Escapade 2/2

From this point on — I'm trying my best to remember what had happened LOL Day 2 Monday, July 4th Woke up around 8 and wasn't really expecting to go anywhere for today. But then I heard that we're going to Great Mall (it's a factory outlet) since my mum wants to go shopping and one of her friends asked her to buy a "branded" bag. It's the 4th of July, lots of people are shopping — because everything is…

Girl Stuff : Make-up

Hey guys! I know it's been a while LOL. And I'm kinda back with another entry which is about my little trip to the city to buy my first set of make-up. FYI guys, I don't really wear make-up -- well, I do but just the basic stuff like BB cream, lip balm, lipstick/lip tint and sometimes (if I'm not late for work) eye liner and mascara. Another thing is, I don't know how to put on eyeshadow, blush-on and uhm…

The power of coffee

There was one time during our graveyard shift that made the whole group tease one of our mates. We don’t have any patients that Sunday night so we spend the whole shift sitting behind a reception desk with all of the unused bed linens on the floor. (more…)