With all the blessings God gave me, I told Him that I will share it to anyone who’s in need as a sign of gratitude. The “someone who’s in need” left a message on my Facebook asking if I could help her because her son is in the hospital since last February 25. I don’t really know what’s the condition of her child. However, this isn’t the first time she asked for help. This is the fourth time. I want to help. Really.…

Got inked!

Yeah you've read it right. I just had my first tattoo last February 23rd. Having a tattoo was my dream; a wish, and I thought it will never happen. Anyways, we've been planning to get a tattoo since last November of 2012 and we failed three times to get an appointment. The first attempt failed because I wasn't sure if I could get a tattoo since my skin is really sensitive and I have a skin condition called 'DERMOGRAPHISM'. (more…)

Something happened today and I can't believe it. Like, I think I was just dreaming but when I pinched my arm it's the reality. Since I'm already sleepy I'll just write about it later. The 'thing' that happened though, is like a milestone lol. So yeah, I'll see you guys later and yes! It's been a while.

Have you ever had that moment…?

You open your laptop, and then logged in to your SNS accounts, browse the internet; or maybe read a saved PDF files/e-books, or listen to your favorite songs; watch a video/movie in YouTube. After a few minutes, you stop whatever you are doing; you let go of the mouse; you take off your headphone/earphone/headset, and then you lie down. (more…)

Yo wazzup!

I haven't been online for a while-- nah~ I am online most of the time, it's just that I don't know what I'm suppose to write/blog. I'll just do an update. So I've took my math exam but sad to say, I didn't passed it. And I received a letter last October twenty-something telling me that my program/course will start on January 7th 2013-- meaning I have to start going to school by then. The thing is, I'm not yet…

RF 001

I can get snappy whenever it's busy at work. I can't help it, and I'm really sorry whenever 'that' attitude of mine shows up. I also feel bad to my co-workers because as a manager, I need to set an example. Like being calm, and always smiling. It's just that, it gets frustrating. Just like what happened today. (more…)


I might take my exam on Monday or Saturday. Honestly, I am scared. What if I blacked out? What if I forgot everything I've studied? Geez! It might be all about decimals, percentage, fractions, prime numbers, metric conversions, and dosage calculations that you guys find so easy to solve (and obviously a 'basic math') but LUH! No matter what I do, I can't like any course/subject that's related to math. I want to try liking the subject, but the subject…

Thoughts 101: Dilemma

I know I'm suppose to post my 'ESCAPADE' when we went to Toronto but I have a bigger (just a little bit though) problem than that. It's my upcoming 'exam' for my Math course (for nurses). I haven't finish answering the workbook they gave me and I haven't studying that much and I didn't got the chance to answer the practice exam and the exercises my professor sent me on e-mail. This is what I hate about me; being a procrastinator.…

And my holiday’s almost over :)

I didn’t write anything yet about our 'escapade' but I will once we got home. I have lots to tell/write and I wish I remember everything that happened and the places we went to this week. It’s not the holiday I had imagined or dreamed of, but I am glad and feel blessed to experience this moment (lol). Going home late at night then waking up early the next morning only to find out that you’re going to leave 2-3…


We arrived at around 4pm, and mind you it was a terrible flight. We had a stop over at Thunderbay, Ontario and I honestly wished they didn't changed the crews (e.g Flight attendant and Pilots) It's not that the attendants aren't friendly (they're supposed to treat the passengers nicely, right?) but I don't know if the pilot/s had a hard time trying to land the plane because I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. It made me…