California Escapade 1/2

July 8, 2016

Hi! I’m back though not REALLY back cuz I’ll be MIA again after this post lol. So for the first week of July, we spent it in California. San Jose, California. We stayed at my dad’s relative (not sure if they’re really our relative 😅) This trip has been planned for months so I’m kinda expecting it to go smoothly. Oh boy I was wrong 😅
Soooo …. We arrived last Saturday night around 10:30 San Francisco local time. Since I checked in my luggage, we had to pick it up and then as we were about to go out of the airport that’s when we start talking about where they are going to pick us up (my dad’s relative). Turned out my ‘rents don’t have any idea where to meet up. So we ended up walking around — going in and out of the airport — thinking of ways on how to contact them. Finally I told my mum to turn on her roaming and just try to contact them thru FB messenger. I really thought we all understood each other and that we’re just going to wait for them outside. Guess what? I was wrong. Lol. Turns out they were on the other side (Domestic terminal) instead on the International terminal. So we had to call them again, explain and tried to describe where we really are, and after — let’s say an hour, we’ve finally found each other 😂 It is really a good start for us, eh?

DAY 1 Sunday, July 3rd

I don’t usually eat breakfast because I often wake up really late but today, I woke up hungry even though we had a mid-night dinner the night before. Breakfast was courtesy of Chowking lol someone bough it early in the morning I guess.
Our destination for today is San Francisco. Even though I’ve read an article online that the weather in this city is not really hot or warm or not very summery — my mum and I weren’t dressed according to the weather. I was wearing a dress; good thing it’s not a ‘summer’ dress; it’s a little bit thicker and I brought with me a cardigan; it somehow made me warm but not enough. While my mum was wearing shorts and sleeveless shirt and a jacket.

We arrived at the Golden Gates and from there we rode a double-decker bus and we tour around downtown. It was fun. And cold. My phone died because it was cold and because we were staying on the upper deck (without the roof) to get a better view and shot of the city. The weather — it reminds me of our spring/fall season in Manitoba. The view was awesome. The buildings are beautiful. I was hoping to get off the bus to enjoy the place more, especially when we are on JapanTown and the street of food stalls, but since we don’t have any idea when the next bus will be (the driver was announcing the next bus will be available in 30mins — we’re just not too sure lol) And the article that I read online was right. Some parts of the city is warm and then the next block is chilly/cold. The only thing I regret is not bringing a hoodie lol especially when we went to Pier 39. It was sunny but it was still chilly because of the wind.

We really didn’t get to explore Pier 39 because we spent all the remaining time on the souvenir shop. I don’t know what took me so long but I am glad that I only spent less than $100 😁 Anyways, before we board the bus I got a chance to try a hotdog from a nearby stand and it was delicious and it kinda reminded me of the hotdogs that I used to eat back in the Philippines (because hotdogs in Canada is errr they are more like sausage so nvm). So we board the bus and went back to where we started that day (in Golden Gate National Recreation Area) and for the last time took pictures with the group and some selfies. After a few more minutes, we were on our way back to San Jose. It was a tiring but fun day. But not until I got off from the vehicle and learned that all of the souvenirs that we bought was left behind. I really thought my ‘rents were just playing jokes on me so I ignored it. However, they were telling the truth. Since the place was an hour and a half (or so) away from where we are staying at, we didn’t bother to go back and because it might not be there anymore. My Dad apologized to me since he was the one holding it. I don’t really feel angry about it (which surprised me btw) more like I am concerned if we’re still be able to buy souvenirs any time soon.

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