California Escapade 2/2

January 17, 2017

From this point on — I’m trying my best to remember what had happened LOL

Day 2 Monday, July 4th

Woke up around 8 and wasn’t really expecting to go anywhere for today. But then I heard that we’re going to Great Mall (it’s a factory outlet) since my mum wants to go shopping and one of her friends asked her to buy a “branded” bag. It’s the 4th of July, lots of people are shopping — because everything is on sale obviously. I really fought hard the temptation to buy anything because *cough* I spent $95 on souvenirs which we end up leaving unintentionally so I don’t really want to spend more.

I don’t really like shopping with my mom especially when I’m not gonna buy anything because it’ll take her an hour or so to browse clothes. That’s just on one store. Our first stop is the Coach outlet which they spent (guess what?) an hour and a half to look around. The store is of course, packed and I’m not really into signature bags so I sat on one of the chairs (thank God for it) and spent my time waiting and listening music on my phone. I was sooo sleepy that I just want to lean my head back. However, I figured that it is embarrassing to sleep in a public place especially when there are lots of people walking around 😁 A few more minutes later, they’ve finally checked-out.

Next stop is G from Guess and even though I told myself not to spend anything, I  ended up purchasing a dress and a pair of shorts that cost around $85 dollars (in $CAD) It was actually a hard decision — I picked up the shorts, then decided not to buy it because I realized I don’t want it and I’ve got tons of pair of ’em in my closet that I haven’t use yet. I walked out of the store and walked back in just to (accidentally) find a dress that suits my taste. My mum told me to try it on, I’ve got two dress on my hand but I was just able to buy the denim one because the other dress is too small for me and they don’t have a bigger size anymore. What a disappointment -_- 

It was already past 12nn when we go to another store — Levis. At this point, my stomach’s already growling. I was starting to get “hangry” and really wanted to go home because there’s too many people and it was crowded (for me). I looked around the store and since I’m not really a fan of denim pants, I opted to just sit and wait for them until they’re done — which of course was done after two hours. That two hours wait was unbearable and it made me really want to throw tantrums. TBH I was already pissed off that I wasn’t talking anymore. When they finally got out of the store, my cousin tried to put her arms around mine and because I’m already pissed off — it was unbearable. So after a few minutes, I told her to just link her arm to my mum’s. I said that with sour smile on my face. I don’t know if it showed how irritable I am at that moment but one thing’s for sure, my mum and dad knew that I was. LOL. So yes, we’ve finally decided to go somewhere else, we were originally planning to go see a movie — a Filipino movie and I believe the title was Love Me Tomorrow. I don’t really want to watch it mainly because I’m starving and secondly because it’s not my “cup-of-tea”. So instead of watching we’ve decided to just had our lunch at Jollibee. YAY! FINALLY. RIGHT?

They were planning on watching the fireworks (I think at the park) and to celebrate the 4th of July on one of my “aunt’s” daughter (or was it relative. Can’t really remember now OTL) and have BBQ party. However, as I don’t really know them and uhm felt like an outsider I opted to just stay in our room and binge watch Investigation Discovery until 11PM.

Day 3 Tuesday, July 5th

Since we’ve been staying in the house mostly and it seemed like we don’t have anywhere to go — and because nobody’s available to show us around Cali — the husband of my dad’s sort-of-relative volunteered to drive us around San Francisco with his nephew and family friend. We’re really thankful for that (mostly me because I really need to buy souvenir and I’m really bored) For the second time, we’ve explored a little bit of San Francisco. And since we’re not riding a tour bus, we were able to get a better look around. We walked around and tried to explore the shops. The place was really awesome. However, living in San Francisco is apparently (as what I’ve learned) expensive. After a while, we went to Pier 39 and decided to eat lunch there. We had lobster sandwich, seafood salad, and clam chowder — which surely triggered my allergies 😂 We’ve took a lot of pictures and selfies and groufie and bought $200+ worth of souvenirs. I know, I know, I went overboard — I bought two hoodies and shirts and a cap and well keychains and magnets 😂 tho I honestly don’t know how I spent that much 😅 Another bad news — while we were shopping for souvenirs, the chain of my necklace got caught on the strap of my shoulder bag and as I was fixing my bag — I kinda tugged it way too hard and it broke off 😭 I was like: OH SHIT. I can’t believe I ruined what my boyfriend gave me for our one year anniversary. I was sort of panicking already … I dunno if I should tell him about it. But decided not to lol. I kind of searched for the nearest jewelry repair shop when we got home and was planning to take a walk the morning after just so I could go to the shop and see if they can fix it right away. However my mum told me to wait until we get home because there’s a shop in our town and it might be cheaper she said. So there, even though I had fun on this day it still bugged me that the chain of the necklace was broken and that I can’t wear it for the rest of the week/until we go back.

Day 5 Thursday, July 7th

Okay. I left Wednesday off because I believe I just stayed all day in our room and binge watched Investigation Discovery all day. Soooo~ on this day, we went to stay over to my dad’s real relative. We weren’t able to stay there for the week because they’re only living in a small apartment. I hang-out with my cousins who are 10 years younger than me lol. They’re nice and lovely. They told me about their asshole neighbour downstairs (just right below them) who keeps on banging the ceiling because they “apparently” are noisy and running all over the place which are all not true. They (the tenants downstairs) also called the cops because they complain about the noise. Anyways, I got mad at them as well because they’re just a bunch of a**holes.

I really wanted to go out of their apartment because it was hot and I was bored. I wanted to take them out for driving (my cousins) however, I got scared because even though I’ve got license, I don’t have the courage to drive around an unfamiliar place. So we just settled to watch movies and series until 2 in the morning.

Day 6 Friday, July 8th

We had lunch at the same place but had dinner on another relative’s place. We stayed there until 8? And then went back home early to pack our things. I cannot believe this holiday is over.

Day 7 Saturday, July 9th

This day pissed me off so much. Our flight was at 2:30 and we left the house around 1pm. We arrived at the airport around 1:30pm and the gate closed at 1:30 — which basically means I wasn’t able to check-in my baggage and which made me throw all my liquid stuff that was over 100ml. One of those ‘liquids’ had a sentimental value to me. I cannot freaking believe it. So imagine my face for the rest of the flight. Getting mad at those people who doesn’t have any sense of time it’s so frustrating. My mum already told them the time of our flight but I dunno what they’re doing that they wasted our time. OMG. And my parents are kind of ‘shy’ to ask them to hurry up. OMG.

Few hours later we’re already in Manitoba and a few hours more we’re finally back home. And a few foods later I was already okay and moved on from all the liquid stuff I’ve thrown out >.< What a crazy holiday.

That’s it! It took me almost a year to finish this entry lol. I’m glad I still remember some of the details. I’m hoping the next time we visit the states we’d be able to really go where we want to go. I want to explore some more haha.


– end of entry –

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