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August 31, 2014

I just realized that I’ve been doing nothing at work since August started. Either I’m just sitting in the office playing 2046 or just sitting there doing nothing at all. And I always come in late — well, as managers, we’re supposed to start half an hour early before our shift but as for me, the earliest I can come in is 10mins after the required time.

You can say that it’s unfair, but hey, I’ve been doing unpaid overtimes since last summer of 2012. I stopped doing it because I’ve finally realized how unfair that is on my side LOL. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to come in at exactly half an hour before my shift starts and since it’ll be a new month on Monday, I hope I’ll be able to do so. If not, well, at least I have to think what my co-workers will say (specially my co-managers — I’ve been spoiled enough). I’m also aware that I’ve changed. I was grumpy before, but at least I haven’t stayed in the office, all I did was non-stop work but when I began to be more enthusiastic and lessen my ‘moody mode’, that’s when I started to be more laid back.

Instead of saying “I have to change”, I think it’ll be better to do it. Step by step. It’ll take a while for me to do what I was doing before but, hey, baby steps won’t hurt 🙂 So my goal for September is to come in at work half an hour before my shift starts and to lessen my procrastination — and uhm, minimize hanging out in the office. LOL. I know I can do this! FIGHTING!

– end of entry –

P.S I’ve finally watched SuJu’s MAMACITA MV and it was hilarious. I’ll quote @ELF_thoughts in twitter: “Boys showed so much growth and maturity in this album while still being so them.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s like I’m watching them on a variety show 😀 And I still need to write 6 more pages to update another chapter on my fic (100 Days) TT__TT Deadline’s just around the corner huhubels!

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