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July 21, 2015

SUNDAY, 12th of JULY 2015

Me and my girls went to see the MINIONS movie right after my work; we left around 4PM. But here’s the catch, we’ve decided that it’s just going to be the four of us instead of the usual 5. Let’s just say we don’t want him to join us for now (erm reasons) and we kinda lied to him that it was just biglaan — meaning that it was unplanned. What a friend, eh? But karma got us.

While we were on our way, the rain was really pouring hard; it wasn’t just raining mind you, it was also hailing. The weather was so bad that we had to stop on the roadside and while we’re waiting we amused ourselves by taking selfie/group pictures and joking that it is our karma for not inviting our friend after all. Ten minutes later, we hit the road again. The rain was still pouring hard but when we were twenty minutes away from Brandon it stopped; more like it wasn’t raining on that part at all. We arrived an hour earlier (before the movie time) and since it was Sunday all the shopping malls and grocery stores are closed (they close at 6PM on Sundays) so we have nowhere to go to past time. And since all of us are hungry, we’ve decided to eat first before watching. But then we’ve decided to switch our movie time to 7PM instead of 6:15 so we still have ‘time’ to eat. However, the restaurant we’ve decided to go took us 10 minutes to be seated and another 25 minutes of waiting for our food.

We literally only eat for almost ten minutes before rushing back to the movie theatre. Around 7:10 we’re already on our seats, thankful that there’s four empty seats on the upper box. The cinema was almost full and we thought we’re going to seat up front. We chose the 3d version and I sighed in relief that it was actually in 3D because the last time that we watched a movie in 3D (Inside Out) it was NOT playing in 3D; we just took off our 3d glasses — I was really disappointed (we paid more for nothing) but at the same time happy and satisfied because of the movie itself. Anyways, after the movie — as a joke (because that friend always invite us to go at Starbucks before going), we decided to buy some drinks on Starbucks. Though they will be closing in 5mins time, we still tried our luck. Lo and behold — they were closed when we got there 😀 So we just went to KFC and friend M bought lots of chicken to take home. It feels like we were in Amazing Race (McDonald’s edition; we all work at McDonald’s kekeke) because of all the running that we’ve done that day. It was tiring but it was fun as well 😀 We made a promise though that next time will bring friend R so he won’t be sad hihihi.

My lovely and beautiful ladies (and me of course ^o^)

So uhm, that’s my update for today and I know it’s long overdue hihihi ^w^ I’ll write again soon! Good night! :*

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