January 4, 2018

Last Tuesday, January 2nd while at work I suddenly had cravings for chow mien. So I texted my boyfriend and asked him if he wants to go with me and go to buffet restaurant the next day. He didn’t right out agreed to the plan so I thought our plan is cancelled when I woke up late on Wednesday morning. We went out around 4pm and it turns out that we weren’t thinking of the same restaurant. I honestly thought he knew which buffet we’re going but when he said that he’s just going to eat sushi I had to confirm and besides that sushi place is out of my option because I had an interesting experience there. However, when I asked him again,  I suddenly had cravings for white tuna sashimi. So even if I don’t really want to go back there (forever) I caved in to my cravings and chose the sushi over the Chinese buffet lol. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

The original plan for the evening is to just eat dinner. On our way to the city though, we’ve decided to watch a movie. He made me choose (maybe because of the sushi thing? lol idk) and I picked Pitch Perfect 3. The movie doesn’t start until 8pm and we were done eating around 5:30ish so I asked him if we could go to Walmart so I can buy a small sketchbook for my evening class that will start this Tuesday (January 9th). Apparently he told me (when he found out which class I’m gonna take) that I won’t be needing it since the instructor will probably just give us hand-outs.

We looked around the store to pass time. We went to the fitness aisle and he picked these weights to buy and I decided to buy a lip balm since I am almost out. As we are going our way to the beauty aisle, I saw these huge stuffed toys that are on sale. I approached the display and while looking around he told me to pick whatever I want. I told him not to bother because the designs look like it’s just for kids. He too was looking and showed me this panda but what really caught my eye is the white teddy bear that was underneath it. I am glad I pulled it out because holy sh*t it’s freaking huge and it is the exact stuffed toy I want my boyfriend to get me for Christmas/birthday (we both ask each other what we want) I was legit happy and was smiling the whole way to the self check-out to pay and I was the one carrying it by the way because he felt embarrassed to carry a huge teddy bear around.  I was hopping and was really smiling wide which made him say that I look like a kid. One of the employee laughed at me and said: It’s bigger than her! 

I apologized to him because he wasn’t able to buy the weights but he said that it does not really matter because he promised to buy me one for my birthday. He wasn’t able to give it to me because he couldn’t find any lol.


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