I don't know what I was thinking that I just moved all my post from this blog to THIS blog. Well, maybe it is easier for me to manage all of my Wordpress blog if I only have one account. Ever since I created a new account, my lyric blog and the fanfic recommendation blog were being neglected by me and I feel so bad. So yeah, it is probably the best way to manage all of my blog in one…

No matter how genuine your intention and action may seem, others will always find reasons to dislike or hate it. Worst part? Getting blamed for giving a hand. Humans, you are so freaking hard to understand.


Last Saturday (April 6th), we went to the city to shop but all I did was 'window shopping'. I usually spends a hundred bucks or more whenever we go out to the city. It is actually my first time not spending that much; which is a good thing of course. (more…)


I really feel bad not posting anything on this blog. It's not that I don't have anything to write, I am just lazy to hit the keyboard and type whatever's on my mind. Plus, I find it hard to write in English. I have to think about the grammar, the spelling, the right word to use and yada yada. And sometimes, it is hard to think of a topic. Ugh! How I wish I have talent in writing. Like writing…


With all the blessings God gave me, I told Him that I will share it to anyone who’s in need as a sign of gratitude. The “someone who’s in need” left a message on my Facebook asking if I could help her because her son is in the hospital since last February 25. I don’t really know what’s the condition of her child. However, this isn’t the first time she asked for help. This is the fourth time. I want to help. Really.…

Got inked!

Yeah you've read it right. I just had my first tattoo last February 23rd. Having a tattoo was my dream; a wish, and I thought it will never happen. Anyways, we've been planning to get a tattoo since last November of 2012 and we failed three times to get an appointment. The first attempt failed because I wasn't sure if I could get a tattoo since my skin is really sensitive and I have a skin condition called 'DERMOGRAPHISM'. (more…)

Something happened today and I can't believe it. Like, I think I was just dreaming but when I pinched my arm it's the reality. Since I'm already sleepy I'll just write about it later. The 'thing' that happened though, is like a milestone lol. So yeah, I'll see you guys later and yes! It's been a while.

Have you ever had that moment…?

You open your laptop, and then logged in to your SNS accounts, browse the internet; or maybe read a saved PDF files/e-books, or listen to your favorite songs; watch a video/movie in YouTube. After a few minutes, you stop whatever you are doing; you let go of the mouse; you take off your headphone/earphone/headset, and then you lie down. (more…)

Yo wazzup!

I haven't been online for a while-- nah~ I am online most of the time, it's just that I don't know what I'm suppose to write/blog. I'll just do an update. So I've took my math exam but sad to say, I didn't passed it. And I received a letter last October twenty-something telling me that my program/course will start on January 7th 2013-- meaning I have to start going to school by then. The thing is, I'm not yet…

RF 001

I can get snappy whenever it's busy at work. I can't help it, and I'm really sorry whenever 'that' attitude of mine shows up. I also feel bad to my co-workers because as a manager, I need to set an example. Like being calm, and always smiling. It's just that, it gets frustrating. Just like what happened today. (more…)