A Thanksgiving Post

October 18, 2015

So we celebrated Thanksgiving (here in Canada) last October 12th, Monday. And this blog was supposed to be posted days earlier however, I’ve been busy with work and some personal matter that I wasn’t able to write. I assure you, I’ve been wanting to write/update my blog but every time I do so, my boyfriend comes to visit and we’d end up watching (well in my case re-watching) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and he’d go home around 2 in the morning. I wasn’t procrastinating, swear. It was a long weekend and goodness gracious! From Saturday until Monday I’ve been working my arse off dealing with hungry guests it was so busy I always end up going to bed earlier than I used to be.

Anyways, I wanted to make a ‘thanksgiving post’. So here it is!

First off, I want to thank God, our creator, for giving me another chance to live my life everyday. For all the blessings He’s been showering us (to my family back home as well). I am so thankful and will be forever grateful for everything — literally for everything. For the pain, disappointments, and challenges that I’ve experienced which made me stronger and (hopefully) had made me wiser.

I am also thankful for my parents. If not for them and for their guidance I won’t be where I am today. That I didn’t grow up as spoiled child. All of their strict rules actually paid off lol. I actually want to salute them for putting up with me and my behaviour whenever I am being sapakin (throwing tantrums lol)

I still have a lot of things to be thankful for but it’ll take forever for me to write it down here 😂 However, as a part of my thanksgiving post, I want to share with you that I (together with my parents) were finally granted our Canadian citizenship. YAY 🎉🎊 We had our oath taking last Thursday 🙂 I am happy but it feels like it’s still a dream 😌 So this Wednesday we’re going to Winnipeg for our passports. Sheesh! I’ll be a foreigner when I visit Philippines this December hahaha! I’m just kidding 😀 My friends were teasing me that I’m not allowed to go home (in the Philippines) because I’m not a Filipino anymore 😂 What a dork.

The ceremony (oath taking) didn’t start at 12nn because we still have to sign/register and had to wait for others to settle down (there were 137 in total that day and a 100 last Wednesday) The ceremony started around 1:30 and we were done by 2:30-ish. And I really thought we were going to celebrate it by eating out but my mum needs to go back to work by 4pm so we just had to eat while driving back home.



The height difference tho
And I can’t figure out why we’re a little bit far away from Mr. RCMP

Well today, I was planning to attend the Sunday service but I woke up late and (sadly) I found out that the service was held in Winnipeg TT__TT I’ll just attend service next time 😞 /sigh/ Next time however doesn’t work because it is very rare for us to have weekend off. We are only allowed to have weekend off once a month. Very fair eh?

I think this is it for this post 😁 Now off to write The Sunday Currently: Vol. 5


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