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May 22, 2016

Why is it easier to tell a lie rather than telling them the truth? Are you really doing yourself a favour by saying nothing at all? Why is it that instead of explaining your side to make them understand your point, you always end up swallowing your words and silently agreeing to whatever they are saying? Why do you find it so hard?

These words you’re desperately trying to convey but cannot say out loud is hurting you isn’t it? It does feel like suffocating, right? So why can’t you say it loud? Why can’t you scream at the top of your lungs and yell how you really feel? Why? Are you scared? Scared that they will judge you? Scared that they’ll ignore you? So what? Express yourself. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be afraid to voice out your opinion. Stop being scared. Stop suppressing your thoughts. Your opinion matter. Especially if it’s about your own decisions. Don’t let anyone degrade you or step on you and start defending yourself. You might not be able to make them understand and it might strain your relationship with them but at least you made your point. You’ve told them what you really feel. Stop telling lies. Stop being quiet. Stop pleasing them. Say something. Say how you really feel.



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