Quality Time

September 17, 2015

Hi! Hello!

Soooo~ I was supposed to post a blog about my daily from two weeks ago last Saturday, but (you guessed it right!) I slacked off. I’m sorry. It was a exhausting two weeks and the blog was all about me ranting anyways sooo yeah. It was the usual: we have enough full timers and part timers but almost all of them booked off that week to go camping that’s why I can’t find anyone to fill in a shift or two and we were busy kind of thing.

Anyways, last week, I had my three days off (which only happens once in a blue moon) so even though I was planning to do something legit for those days, I wasn’t able to. Well, as of Wednesday I just stayed at home played Sims 4, read some manga, watched a movie, he visited later that night — he always come visit at night, scratch that, at midnight. The next day, I accompanied my friend to the dentist and since we were supposed to go out (me and J) he went with us to book an appointment at Honda; there were four of us (him plus another friend which he brought and doesn’t have any idea that there would be four of us lol). When we got home I asked Angel if she wanted to eat out because we’ve been complaining that we’re hungry earlier that day.

We went to a family restaurant just beside our working place. I think it’s her first time (while it was my third time) so she can’t decide what to eat. After a couple of minutes though, we both ordered the same thing: half baby ribs and chicken with side caesar (for me), masshed potato (for her), and an order of mozza sticks and onion rings for starter/appetizer. I forgot that I am allergic to chicken (even seafood, fish and eggs) so I end up just eating the ribs and the caesar salad which only have leaf lettuce and a little bit of dressing on it. The experience isn’t really great. The food didn’t really satisfy us but we ordered too much that we’re already full anyway 😂 Though the rib is delicious 👌

Friday … hmmm … J tried to teach me how to cook. The night before, he said he’ll meet up with me around 1oAM — that is IF HE WAKES UP AT 10 lol. It was already 11:30 when he messaged me that we’re going to do some grocery first. We (well more like HE) decided we’re going to cook spring rolls. He was laughing at me because it’s too obvious that I don’t really do groceries 😂 I was just standing there holding the basket and waiting for him to pick up the veggies that we need LOL. In the end, he was the one who prepared and cooked the food. I helped him wrapped though hahaha. Oh, and I did the dishes.

So, if ever — in the ahem future, he’ll be in charge on cooking and I’ll wash the dishes. And I think I won’t be able to help him prepare food because we’ll just end up fighting/arguing just like what had happened. Anyways, he told me that I look cute working in the kitchen because the sink is in the same level as my stomach (I’m short fyi). To think that I really hate doing the dishes -_-


Anyways, the spring rolls came out just fine. It was great 👌  Some are burnt but it was still edible lol 😂 I hope this kind of ‘spending quality time together’ will happen again — soon ^_^


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