Bereavement Leave

April 20, 2015

So one of my BFF’s have to go back to the Philippines — not for a holiday; but because of the death of their beloved lola (granny). They heard the news yesterday and my friend, Hanna was still at work when she knew about it. Imagine receiving that kind of news while you’re still working (and it was busy) — how hard would that be? We were at the buffet when they told us what happened (me and my friends went out to see Mall Cop 2) and I called her right away. She was still laughing and was trying to make fun of the situation but I could hear from her voice that she just cried. And she also told me she can’t concentrate on her work. I was suggesting that she should just go home and ask someone else to cover for her shift which she did after the rush hour is over.

Even though I’m not part of their family, I feel sad for them. I mean, maybe because I know how much they love their granny. She’d often tell us stories about their granny back when they were still a child and how we come to know they are her favourite grand children.

It’s just sad that they’re going back home not to enjoy a vacation but to mourn. When we were talking last night, some of my friends said that they don’t want to go home if the reason is a death of a loved one. But it is definitely hard to be in that kind of situation, especially when you’re too far away from your loved ones; then hearing about their illness or death, it is totally devastating and heartbreaking 🙁

Oh well, this is really a sad week. They’ll get by in time.

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