24 HOURS + Home Alone

August 2, 2015

Hello there, August! Don’t you think time’s flying by a little bit too fast? No? LOL It’ll be ‘ber-months 28 days from now XD Oh well~ this week is actually August long. Meaning, it’s the long weekend; it’s Civil Holiday on Monday (the 3rd of August). Given that it’s long weekend, it’s expected that we’re also busy at work.

I was 3-11PM last Friday and from the moment I started my shift until the time I was done, people just keeps on coming in at the restaurant. My feet was so sore (up until now) and I have to go back at 6:30AM the following day. I dunno why Dams scheduled my shift like that (I call him Damulag because he kinda resemble that character from an Anime) Can’t complain tho because I’ve been used to it fufufu. Anyways, yesterday was so busy that it feels like I worked the whole night (from 11PM to 3PM the next day) Plus all the staff I have were still a trainee, I feel bad for them, but what can I do? -_- And my friends are actually in Alberta enjoying the long weekend; they’re gonna be back on Wednesday. Oh right, even my parents are out too, they’ll be home Monday night though.

I’ve been home alone for two days and three nights already. It’s not really scary because I’m actually used to being alone. Besides, I have my doge with me (however, she’s really a pain to take care of because she doesn’t want to eat on her own bowl -_-) I also tried to do a little bit of house chores, I just vacuumed and mop. Was supposed to water the plants yesterday (Saturday) but it rained so yey for me 😀 It was my day off today and without my parents at home, it sure does was boring. I was aching to go out but for some reason, I was too lazy to set my foot outside. I didn’t water the plants this time (I hope the plants won’t die LOL) but I changed the garbage bag and I went to the store to check what was wrong with one of the machine (but when I got there it was already fixed. BUMMER) and stayed a little bit to help them because they were busy earlier.

To sum up my ‘August long’: Had a busy day last Friday and yesterday; and got bored today. Oh and I was trying to continue writing for my fic -_- it’s been a year (I think) since the last update.

Well, have a great week everyone! (It’s going to be another busy Monday for me tomorrow. Sigh)


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